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Elements of a Good Conclusion

Having a perfect conclusion is a prerequisite of creating an award-winning academic paper. This does not only apply to essay writing but also to dissertation writing too. All students should ensure that their dissertation adheres to the specifications and standards set by both the professors and their schools.

It would be vital to understand that acing or flunking your dissertation can determine whether you graduate or not. Keep in mind that this article will carry around seventy percent of the final year’s score. It means that if you flunk the paper, you will most likely not graduate at the top of your class.

This is why students should endeavor to teach themselves how to create sound dissertation conclusions. This will ultimately put them in a position of getting good scores when it comes to drafting this paper. Here are some of the elements that you must ensure to include in your conclusion when preparing your dissertation;

  1. A summary of your thesis statement – here, we mean that you should rephrase your thesis statement in your conclusion to refresh the memory of your readers. It is important to note that you are not supposed to write this statement exactly how it appears in your introduction; you must make sure to rephrase it.
  2. A summary of the dissertation’s body – understand that a dissertation conclusion is essentially a summary of what the paper is about. Therefore, it is crucial to realize that only reviews should appear in this section. Do not make a point to start explaining your body points again in the conclusion.
  3. End on a positive note – realize that your dissertation’s aim will most likely be to prove your thesis statement. Therefore, it is imperative to end on a positive note. It helps show that you have successfully drenched your thesis statement.

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An excellent dissertation must have a proper dissertation conclusion. No matter how good your introduction, body, and dissertation discussion sections are, it will be tough for you to get top marks if your dissertation is weak.

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