Goal of Writing a Dissertation Discussion

What to Aim for When Drafting a Dissertation Discussion

A well-executed dissertation discussion is something that every student must know how to create. It is essential to understand that while in your last year in college, every student will be expected to draft a dissertation. Be ready to set aside a lot of time, energy, and enough financial resources to help you through the whole writing process.

You will most likely be given a full year to write your dissertation. That sounds like a lot of time, right? That may be so, but do not let that fool you. Writing a dissertation is an action-packed process that encapsulates several different activities.

The process first starts with the conducting of a very intensive fact-finding mission. Understand that you have to use factual information in your paper, which means that you can’t afford not to do your own research. After the collected data is analyzed and organized, comes the next tedious process; the drafting of the dissertation.

 Understand that every section/part of your dissertation has to be written correctly. This means that your introduction section straight to the conclusion sections has to be appropriately constructed and written. While it is essential to learn how to draft every part, in this article, we will only look at how to write your dissertation discussion. Here are some of the goals you should keep in mind when drafting your discussion;

  1. Aim to answer the questions of your paper- in the introduction of your paper, you will have to provide some of the questions that your paper will be looking to answer. These are known as your research question. Always structure your discussion with the main aim of answering these questions.
  2. Support your answers – after providing the answers to your research questions, you should show that there is enough evidence in your paper to show that these are the most appropriate solutions to the said questions.
  3. Lastly, one of the most important goals you should have in mind is to explain why you think that the solutions provided are relevant concerning the body of knowledge and study area of the subject.

H2: Parts of a Dissertation Discussion

It would be best for starters if you realized that any appropriately crafted dissertation discussion has to have three parts. Let’s take a look at the three main components of a dissertation discussion.

The opening clause is the first part of your discussion. This should be the initial sentence of the discussion part of your dissertation. Your thesis statement is supposed to appear in this part of your discussion paragraph. Please make a point only to rephrase it. Do not repeat it word by word as it appears anywhere else in the dissertation.

The next part of your discussion should be a summary of your supporting points. After paraphrasing the thesis statement in the opening clause, you are then required to give the reader a brief review of the supporting statements you had provided earlier in the dissertation. However, understand that only reviews are provided here. No explanations are required.

Finally, the last line of your discussion should be the closing sentence. This is where you provide the teacher with some sense of closure and introduce some new concepts that they are to think more about.

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