Mistakes Students Make When Writing a Dissertation Conclusion

Significance of creating a Perfect Dissertation Conclusion

Your conclusion plays a crucial role in showing anyone who reads your paper why you chose to develop the said paper, and it also helps convince them that what you have discussed in the article matters to them. Though most people view this section of the dissertation as merely a summary, it plays a much deeper role. Your thesis is supposed to synthesis the critical points of your dissertation and show their relevancy to the readers.

This means that the creation of an excellent dissertation conclusion should be a priority for many students. While sometimes most of them might seem to think that the conclusion does not have a lot of significance in the paper, we would like to take a look at the importance of a good conclusion. This is all to highlight the significant influence that this section of the dissertation holds. Here are a few points that show the significance of a dissertation conclusion;

  1. Helps you accurately present the last word of your dissertation – as much as the introduction enables you to capture the reader’s attention, the conclusion offers you the opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Therefore, every student should ensure that their dissertation conclusion is excellently crafted.
  2. It helps you summarize the findings of your research in one place- the importance of this action is that it allows you to convey the significance of your study to the reader. This helps make the paper more enticing to them.
  3. Helps you introduce new ways of thinking and ideas to the reader – one thing you must have in your conclusion is a suggestion for future research or a call to action. This helps conjure up new ideas in the mind of the readers and give them something to ponder after they finish reading your dissertation.

H2: Common Mistakes Made By Students When Writing Conclusions

Some of the mistakes students make when drafting dissertations include;

  1. Introduction of new ideas in the conclusion sections – understand that the summary you present should be about points that you had explained earlier in the paper. Do not attempt to introduce a point in this section that is not in your body paragraphs. This will be a big mistake.
  2. Apologies for the points given –sometimes you will find a student’s including statements that say “I am not an expert, but…” this is a mistake coz it makes you seem unsure of yourself and decreases the credibility of your research.
  3. Not revealing flaws in your viewpoint – as much as you will be more inclined to point out how your research speaks to the thesis statement, it is also imperative to show where there are drawbacks. It shows your dynamism, which helps make your paper enticing to your professor.

There are several mistakes that students when they are writing conclusions of their dissertations. In this article, we will look at some of the most common mistakes made by the said students. We seek to highlight these mistakes, make students aware of them, and reduce the chances of making them again.

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