Write essay on global warming

An essay is an author’s story about his thoughts on a particular topic. This may be a statement about a literary work, or maybe an analysis of some environmental problem. There are many types of essay, therefore, this type of task is very popular in schools, colleges and universities.

Preparation is the nuts and bolts of a good essay. Before you start writing, you should think about what you want to write in the essay and what information to provide. In homework it sometimes happens that you can come up with a theme yourself. Then select a topic about which you already know a lot and which really interests you. It is always easier to work on what interests you.

Then think about the specific content and write down your thoughts on the topic. If your essay covers a particular novel or story, be sure to read it several times before starting to write an essay. Then check it for language abnormalities and filter all rhetorical devices. It is better to accurately analyze several stylistic techniques and explain the meaning of the text than to mention as many deviations as possible, but not to interpret them. If you are familiar with the subject and you have the exact notation, you can start writing.

Next, you should understand the structure of the essay. The essay begins with an introduction. In the introduction you introduce the reader to the topic of the essay and provide them with the most important information. This includes the type of essay (interpretation, discussion, or similar), and if you refer to other text, including the author, year of publication, and a brief synopsis. Analyzes and your own opinion do not have a place in the introduction. Important: write as short as possible! The entry should never take up more than five to ten percent of the entire essay. Therefore, if you were asked to write essay on global warming, write in the introduction only the main question that you will consider. Your goal is to interest the reader.

The main body is the heart of the essay. The most important actions, all interpretations and explanations belong to this part. Be sure not only to name, but also analyze language anomalies, if it is an essay on the novel. Your own opinion cannot yet be expressed.

Conclusion: as in the introduction, the end should not be more than five to ten percent of the entire essay. You summarize your results in a nutshell and give your opinion. Important: New results cannot be obtained. A clear last sentence with the most important understanding of the main text completes your essay.

The introduction and conclusion are not less important parts of the essay, each part is equally important because it performs a specific function. Therefore, devote the necessary amount of time to each part, otherwise the essay will be incomplete and boring. After writing the essay, check your work for mistakes.

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